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Unlock the power of your teams

Jyre is a cutting-edge digital platform that helps you build high performing teams and achieve your goals.
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Give your teams the tools they'll want to use

Expert guidance

With 30 years of scientific expertise in people and team effectiveness, Jyre provides expert guidance and best practices to help teams achieve their goals.

Actionable insights

Our platform provides data-driven insights into team performance and culture, giving teams the information they need to make informed decisions and drive improvement.

Scalable platform

Jyre is designed to scale seamlessly across organisations, providing insights and guidance at all levels of the business.

Easy to use

User-friendly and intuitive, with tools and resources that make it easy for teams to collaborate and communicate effectively.

Are your teams truly playing to their full potential?

While 7 out of 10 teams believe they perform well, a mere 2 out of 10 think they're truly maximising their potential!

The numbers might surprise you - our extensive Jyre dataset reveals a striking fact:

Imagine what would happen to your business if the rest caught up with the best?

Building great teams delivers huge benefits for your organisation:


Team members report better mental health, 74% less stress, 40% less burnout and fewer sick days​


Highly effective teams are up to 50% more productive


Greater innovation and more collaboration


106% more energy at work and a stronger sense of belonging


76% more engagement and a healthy culture with people and teams that enjoy life more!

Quote that says: Jyre has helped me build more confidence in myself and see the value of compassion in a workplace
Quote that reads: Jyre helped us understand that the reason why we may clash at times may be due to our differences and that we can leverage the differences for good
Quote that reads: Jyre helped us focus and problem solve through innovative pathways

Discover the secrets used by the best teams

Great teams make personal development a daily reality for their team members.


Behind every great team you’ll find a leader who knows just what they need to do to make this happen.


Jyre is the platform that can guide everyone on the journey towards building great teams.

Photo of Natalie Edwards, Tangle Teezer Chief People Officer

Natalie Edwards,

Tangle Teezer logo

Jyre has helped us have an open dialogue within Tangle Teezer about leadership and team dynamics. It has improved the self-awareness of the team and given them a more rounded understanding of their own characters and inspired them to begin their own personal development journeys.

A photo of Graeme Oxby, Community fibre CEO

Graeme Oxby,

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I can't recommend Jyre enough in their cost-effective approach to team effectiveness, talent discovery and engagement. In the current climate, it seems like these are more important than ever in successful business strategy.

A photo fo Jessica Collingwood, Photobox Chief People Officer

Jessica Collingwood,

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The combination of Jyre’s digital product and expert support — flexed around individual interests and needs — helped build self-awareness of leadership strengths while helping our people with their development.

A photo of Simon Beresford-Wylie, CEO of Imagination technologies

Simon Beresford-Wylie,

IMG tech logo

Jyre has successfully bonded the 3 elements of organisational behaviour — people, structure and technology. The ‘Jyre Experience’ radically and quickly transformed our Exec team, enabling us to set a clear and meaningful strategy and get the best from each other to achieve our ambitious goals over the next few years.

Questions? Let's chat.

We’ll help get you up and motoring now, accelerating your journey to building great teams.

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