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About us

Imagine a world where...Every team in your organisation is performing strongly. Every individual is highly engaged, and feels that they’re being stretched and developed and collaboration between teams is instant and instinctive. We created Jyre to make this vision a reality.


We believe that the world would be a better place if every team in the world of work (and every person in those teams) has access to brilliantly designed, psychologically-informed development and the support to make the most of this development.

If we succeed in this, we’ll help our customers make their worlds better:

Creating teams that bond strong performance with personal growth and learning, and through this, workplaces where people can be at their best and their organisation can fulfil its potential.

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Imagine a world where teams regularly get together to reflect, learn lessons and plan future actions based on their learning, their levels of team cohesion increase, boosting wellbeing, retention and team-performance.

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Mark Loftus


Mark Loftus

MA Oxon, MPhil, AFBPS, C.Psychol


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We’ll help get you up and motoring now, accelerating your journey to building great teams.

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