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Independent Board performance reviews

The Developing Leaders Partnership/JYRE®: Our compliance with the Corporate Governance Institute’s Code of Practice for Board Reviewers

The Developing Leaders Partnership Limited / JYRE®


At Jyre, we are committed to providing high-quality board reviews that adhere to the Code of Practice for Board Reviewers issued by the Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland. 

We follow the principles of independence, integrity, competence, confidentiality and transparency in our work. Here are some of the ways we comply with the Code:


Our team of experts brings a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of governance and organisational dynamics, ensuring high-quality and insightful reviews.

We ensure that our board reviewers have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to perform the review effectively and efficiently. 

We assign board reviewers who are familiar with the client's industry, sector and governance practices. We also provide training and development for our board reviewers to keep them updated on the latest trends and best practices in governance.

Our approach combines quantitative and qualitative analysis to ensure that we can combine a data-driven approach alongside deeper insight from group and individual insights. 


We ensure that our board reviewers are free from any conflicts of interest or undue influence from the client or any third parties. We disclose any potential or actual conflicts of interest to the client and seek their consent before proceeding with the review. We also maintain a register of interests for all our board reviewers and update it regularly.

Except in exceptional circumstances, we would not typically engage for longer than 6-years with a board of directors for the purpose of conducting board reviews and conduct no more than 2 full, in-depth reviews with follow-up work as required.  



We conduct our board reviews with honesty, fairness and respect for the client and the board members. We uphold the highest ethical standards and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We do not accept any inducements or incentives that may compromise our objectivity or professionalism. We also report any misconduct or malpractice that we encounter or become aware of during the review.

At any point should we believe that we would not be able to provide a fair and balanced assessment of the board’s performance, we will refuse or withdraw from the project. 


We protect the confidentiality of all information and data that we obtain or generate during the review. We only use the information and data for the purpose of the review and do not disclose them to anyone without the client's consent or as required by law. We also store and dispose of the information and data securely and in accordance with our data protection policy.

We hold certifications from Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO27001 and are an approved supplier for the Crown Commercial Service and listed on G-Cloud. 


We communicate clearly and openly with the client and the board members throughout the review process. We agree on the scope, objectives, methodology, timeline and fees of the review with the client before starting the review. 

We also provide regular updates and feedback to the client and the board members on the progress and findings of the review. 

We deliver a comprehensive and balanced report that reflects our independent and professional opinion on the strengths and areas for improvement of the board's performance.


Our methodology

While our approach is tailored to each client’s individual needs we use the following methodology: 

1.  Initial Assessment Using Jyre Assess
  • Strengths Assessment: Jyre Assess leverages advanced analytics to provide a nuanced understanding of the capabilities, skills, and contributions of board members and committee members. Each member receives their own individual strength and leadership report, and the board receives a detailed report which shows the composition, shared strengths and gaps of the group.

  • Effectiveness Evaluation: As part of the analysis, each board member assesses the board across 9 areas of effectiveness, with the option to expand this assessment to the broader organisation. By doing so, we analyse the overall efficiency, alignment, and performance of the board.

  • Alignment with Board objectives: Jyre Assess combines this analysis with the specific goals and objectives of the board to see how well set up the board is to achieve its objectives.

  • Identifying Opportunities and Risks With the data in hand, Jyre Assess empowers us to pinpoint the most significant opportunities for outperformance and areas that are most at risk for the board’s effectiveness. We provide clear insights into why these opportunities and risks exist and work with you to create an action plan to address them.


2. Targeted Focus Groups,  individual interviews and 360 reviews:
  • Exploring Cultural Dynamics: To delve into areas not fully covered by quantitative assessments, we facilitate focused and targeted focus group sessions. These sessions will explore cultural dynamics, relationships, and interpersonal interactions within the Board and its Committees.

  • Enhancing Decision-Making: Our team, with its extensive experience in conducting similar reviews, will lead these sessions to uncover nuances in decision-making processes and areas of potential improvement.

  • Conflict Resolution and Collaboration: We will pay specific attention to the dynamics of discussions, decision-making, and conflict resolution, ensuring that the Board and its Committees function cohesively.

  • 360 reviews: Each member of the board is asked to invite 5-8 people to review them, to bring awareness of how others view them and how the board as a collective is viewed. 


3. Review of board minutes 

As part of our comprehensive board review process, We review a range of critical documentation, ensuring a thorough understanding of the board’s governance framework. 

This review will encompass an examination of materials, including the list of matters reserved for the board, terms of reference for board committees, and a sampling of board and committee papers. 

Our expert team will analyse these documents to assess their alignment with best practices and regulatory requirements, identifying areas of strength and potential enhancement. By reviewing the details of these documents, we aim to provide actionable insights and recommendations that contribute to the board’s effectiveness. 


4. Deliverables

Our methodology will culminate in the following key deliverables:

1. Comprehensive Board Review Report: This document will provide a detailed analysis of the composition, structure, effectiveness, decision-making processes, and information flow within the Board and its Committees. It will also highlight the performance of individual directors.

2. Focus Group Insights: A separate document will capture the qualitative insights and observations from the focus group sessions, shedding light on cultural and interpersonal dynamics.

3. Recommendations and Action Plan: Building on the insights from Jyre Assess and the focus group sessions, we will provide specific recommendations and an action plan to enhance the Board's performance and effectiveness.

4. Individual and team leadership reports: Including 360 and individual assessments of strengths and gaps

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