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Board effectiveness reviews

Why Jyre?

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Deep experience Delivering Board Reviews

We have 20+ years of consulting experience working with Boards and Executive teams on Board dynamics, Board to Executive interplay, Chief Executive/Chair consultation as well as Executive teams on the behavioural dynamics that underpin high performing teams.

Our team of experts bring a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of governance and organisational dynamics, ensuring high-quality and insightful review. We comply with the Corporate Governance Institute’s Code of Practice for Board Reviewers.

Comprehensive Methodology bringing together strengths, team effectiveness and goals data, AI-driven insight and qualitative insight

Our comprehensive board reviews leverage our Jyre Assess solution  (a proprietary tool to deliver AI-enabled analysis and insights of organisations and teams) and focused and expertly facilitated focus groups.

Strengths Assessment and Effectiveness Evaluation

Our journey begins with a deep dive into your board's strengths. Using Jyre Assess, we employ advanced analytics to understand the capabilities, skills, and contributions of every board member. This assessment results in individual strength and leadership reports, as well as a comprehensive group report highlighting shared strengths and gaps. We also evaluate the board's effectiveness in nine key areas, identifying opportunities and risks and how well set up they are to achieve the goals of the board. This data-driven approach sets the stage for informed decision-making.

Cultural Dynamics and Decision-Making Enhancement

To uncover the subtleties not captured by quantitative assessments, we conduct focused and targeted focus group sessions, individual interviews, and 360 reviews. These delve into cultural dynamics, relationships, and interpersonal interactions within the board and its committees. Our experienced team uncovers nuances in decision-making processes and areas for improvement. We pay special attention to conflict resolution and collaboration, ensuring that the board functions cohesively.

Key Deliverables to enhance board performance and effectiveness

Our methodology culminates in key deliverables that empower you to enhance your board's performance:

  1. Comprehensive Board Review Report: This document offers a detailed analysis of your board's composition, structure, effectiveness, decision-making processes, and information flow. It also highlights the performance of individual directors.

  2. Focus Group Insights: This separate document captures qualitative insights from focus group sessions, shedding light on cultural and interpersonal dynamics within the board.

  3. Individual and Team Leadership Reports: Our assessments provide a 360-degree view of individual and team strengths and gaps, ensuring a holistic understanding of your board's capabilities.

  4. Recommendations and Action Plan: Leveraging insights from Jyre Assess and focus group sessions, we provide specific recommendations and an action plan to elevate your board's performance and effectiveness.

Jyre - the latest technology partnered with extensive in-depth experience

In choosing Jyre for board performance reviews, you gain a partner with a proven methodology, extensive experience, and a commitment to excellence in governance. Our data-driven insights, combined with our holistic approach, provide the foundation for informed decisions and sustainable improvements in board performance. Trust Jyre to unlock the full potential of your board and drive your organisation towards success.

Questions? Let's chat.

We’ll help get you up and motoring now, accelerating your journey to building great teams.

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