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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Jyre and how to use it? See below for our frequently asked questions or contact our team for help.

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What is Jyre?

Jyre is a high-performance team and leadership development platform. It includes strength-mapping, viewpoints, goal based team and personal development pathways, as well as 1,000's of bite-sized digital resources to assist with your Jyre experience.

What support will I receive?

Jyre is an easy to use tool with support provided in platform. We have a team of Jyre specialists also available for any custom support queries.

Who is best suited for using Jyre?

Whether you're a new or experienced leader, Jyre is the platform for you and your team. Build awareness of yourselves and others, as you train to become a successful and high performing team.

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How easy is it to get started?

You can get started with Jyre immediately. A quick registration with your company details and team members is needed to set up your membership. Then you and your team can begin your Jyre experience.

How long before I see results?

The Jyre platform is designed to put development in your hands. You control the pace of your development, in a time that suits you and your team. You can see results in as little as 6 weeks!

How does Jyre increase performance?

Jyre uses goal based pathways to ensure that we translate your inputs into your desired outputs. Experience progressive transformation of you and your team as you uncover your strengths, collaborate on how to leverage them and then use the learnings to increase your team effectiveness and performance.

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What is the difference between Jyre and other tools like MBTI, Hogan, DiSC etc?

Jyre offers more than a diagnostic tool. We understand that it's important to identify strengths, but in order to create lasting change.. on-going development is needed. Jyre's platform not only provides diagnostic tools but also offers development pathways to ensure you are equipped to support and nurture talent too.

What framework do you use?

Jyre's proprietary strengths based framework has been cultivated by chartered psychologists, with over 30 years of experience in organisational development consulting. The framework was developed in adherence to the British Psychologists Association test-developers guide-lines and in consultation with a Fellow of the British Psychologists Association.

How long are Jyre's development pathways?

Jyre was built for agile use. The frequency of development lies in your hands. You can choose how often to engage. We have 9 goal based pathways for teams and 34 strengths based personal development pathways. We regularly update our pathways and resources, so development is continuous with new and different Jyre experiences.

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