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Introducing the Jyre experience

Our easy-to-use platform empowers your leaders and their teams


Jyre provides each individual with a comprehensive Solo report that highlights their fit to 9 distinct character profiles and ranks their strengths and gaps.

By bringing awareness to these strengths, individuals gain a better understanding of themselves, can collaborate more effectively with others, leverage their unique abilities, and navigate their challenges.

Team reports

Jyre enables you to create formal or project teams and provides valuable insights into shared strengths, gaps, and character types. By understanding each team member's unique character profile, teams can better appreciate the diverse perspectives and abilities that each individual brings to the table.

Our platform allows teams to identify gaps in their collective skillset and develop strategies to fill those gaps. This, in turn, can lead to improved collaboration and more efficient and effective teamwork.

By leveraging this information, teams can gain a deeper understanding of how they can get the best from each other, improving communication, productivity, and overall team performance.


Team Effectiveness Review

Our team effectiveness questionnaires team effectiveness questionnaires are designed to help teams identify areas for improvement and feed into development pathways - providing a roadmap for development.

The 9 questions derive from extensive research into high-performance, high-growth teams.

Bringing awareness to how the team is performing against these criteria helps focus the minds of leaders and the teams on the actions they need to take to improve. 


Development through action

At Jyre, we understand that teams don't become great by simply studying theory, and that effective leadership development requires a practical, action-oriented approach.

That's why our platform offers goal-focused development pathways deliver meaningful development opportunities that directly impact team performance. Each goal is supported by a variety of scripted pathways that teams can engage with regularly, in the flow of their everyday work, without the need for expensive offsites or training sessions.

Teams gain practical, actionable insights and strategies that they can immediately apply to their work, driving performance improvements and achieving their goals more efficiently and effectively.

Individual development plans

At Jyre, we understand that high-performing teams rely on motivated team members who take their own growth and development seriously. 


That's why we offer every Jyre user access to short, 3-step individual pathways for quick skill boosts.

These pathways are designed to provide users with targeted, actionable strategies that they can immediately apply to their work, helping them to continuously improve and grow their skills.


And for those who want to dive deeper, we also offer 34 in-depth, five-week strength development plans that provide comprehensive guidance and support for longer-term development efforts.

Jyre Leadership Development

A platform for the whole organisation

Jyre delivers growth that is as relevant and meaningful for the c-suite as for first-time employees.


Meaning that everyone shares the same language and the Jyre data-set can deliver deep insights into culture, engagement, diversity and team effectiveness.

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We’ll help get you up and motoring now, accelerating your journey to building great teams.

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