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Together, we grow

A team with a growth mindset, constantly learning how to be more effective and raising our sights on how good we can be.

Jyre: Growth Goal

These pathways embed the fundamental disciplines of team development. This is about your collective learning as a team and applying a growth mindset to all that you do. You will create a vision for your team, become more effective in your ways of working and seek improvements in your interacting with one another.

Why care?



Engaging in these pathways will pay dividends to your future performance and success as a team. Investing in your collective development as a team dramatically improves team cohesion which helps keep you on course as a team during times of uncertainty and volatility. These Growth pathways build layers of shared team understanding and a strong sense of team and togetherness, especially essential when highly dispersed and diverse teams teams are navigating rapid change or disruption.


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