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Developing teams can be hard,
Jyre makes it easy

We are on a mission to improve the workplace for everyone by helping teams and leaders perform at their best.

Inputs to Outputs

It starts with understanding of the unique factors that make up your organisation - for example, the culture, norms, vision and purpose.


For your teams, it’s their structure, diversity, roles and interdependence. And at the individual level, it’s about leadership styles, strengths and expertise. 


Develop understanding

Whether it’s a leader or a team member, everyone benefits from understanding their leadership style and how others see them. So everyone completes solo reports, requesting viewpoints from co-workers and the people in their life who know them best. 


This generates a custom solo and viewpoints report, containing leadership types, strengths and gaps, alongside a report for the whole team. 


Develop your strengths

We also know that developing the individual alongside the team is a critical aspect of high-performing teams.


So every Jyre user has access to 34, five-week development plans that take just 15-20 minutes each day. Every plan has pulse points throughout to check progression.

Jyre Development

Measure & assess

Our team effectiveness questionnaires help teams understand which research-backed development goal to work towards. 


Once one is chosen, leaders are guided every step of the way on the journey towards building high-performing teams. 

Building great teams

Deep, data rich insights

You’ll get data to help track increases in team and personal effectiveness and measure the impact of these on your business performance.


Jyre allows teams and individuals to become their own best coaches. With access to 100s of additional workshops, exercises and guides on a whole host of development topics.


All in service of achieving the goal of building happy, healthy, high-performing teams and leaders.

Jyre Data insights

Questions? Lets chat.

We’ll help get you up and motoring now, accelerating the growth of your teams.

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