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Find out how Jyre delivers insight, grows awareness and  helps you develop your leaders and their teams

See how Jyre works

Organisation-wide insight

Our organisation-wide insight and diagnostic tools help you understand your organisation in high definition.

We help you set benchmarks for team effectiveness and enable you to focus on the people and team processes that deliver performance uplifts

Jyre Leadership & Team Development Platform

Assess your data against your organisational goals

Teams often set goals without understanding their capabilities and knowing who is best placed to deliver on them.


We can help you analyse your data against your objectives and challenges to provide a risk-and-opportunity analysis.

Jyre Data insights

Empower your people

Our team effectiveness questionnaires help leaders and their teams understand which research-backed development goal to work towards.

Teams can repeat these as often as they like to check on their progress and help discover their next goal! 

Building great teams

Choose your goal 

Your teams work on pathways that help them achieve their objectives. 

Pick your goal and our pathways script seamlessly from where you are to the uplifts you want.

Your leaders and teams are guided on their development journey, building growth mindsets, improving collaboration and performance. 

quote: Jyre gave us the feeling of stronger team togetherness in working towards a shared goal

Individuals develop their strengths too 

High performing teams build the motivation for all team members to take their performance and growth seriously.

That's why every Jyre user also has access to short 3-step individual  pathways for quick skill boosts.

And if they want to go deeper, we have 34, in-depth five-week development plans to guide them.

Description of 9 personal developmentgoals

And there's more...

We capture our users needs directly in the Jyre platform and regularly create new content to ensure Jyre is at the cutting edge of making good psychology accessible to everyone.

All in service of achieving the goal of building happy, healthy, high-performing teams and leaders.

a team working together effectively

Questions? Let's chat.

We’ll help get you up and motoring now, accelerating your journey to building great teams.

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