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Grow happy high-performing hybrid teams

We can’t always be together but we can always develop together

Jyre Leadership & Team Development Platform

You're in good company

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Did you know?

People working in great teams are up to 5x more productive.

Some organisations see the power in their teams. They embrace new ways of working, care about development and create environments to help them perform at their best.

At Jyre, we call them team-driven organisations.

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Your hybrid-teams at their best.

The platform with the tools that help your leaders and their teams get there.

Jyre guides leaders to build outstanding teams wherever their people are.

Built by psychologists and coaches with decades of experience. Jyre brings the latest research and people science together in an easy to use digital tool.

Jyre helps your teams benefit from...

  • Productivity gains with lower stress

  • Improved mental health and well-being

  • Improved innovation

  • Greater intra and cross-team collaboration

  • More effective retention and recruitment

  • Stronger sense of belonging

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And provides all the tools a team leader needs to build a brilliant team:

  • Individual, 360 and team psychometrics

  • Team effectiveness assessments

  • Structured workshops to guide leaders and their teams on their development journey

  • Daily individual development plans

All fitting into the flow of work.


Hear it from our customers

"Jyre has helped us have an open dialogue within Tangle Teezer about leadership and team dynamics. It has improved the self-awareness of the team and given them a more rounded understanding of their own characters and inspired them to begin their own personal development journeys."

Natalie Edwards, Chief People Officer, Tangle Teezer

You're in good company

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