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Introducing the Jyre Perform experience

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Empowering High Performing Teams Through Collaborative Growth

We believe that exceptional leaders are not born in isolation but are nurtured through collaborative growth alongside their teams.

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The Path to Success

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With Jyre, your leaders and their teams embark on a transformational journey, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and unleashing your team's full potential.

Collaborative Growth

Embrace the power of collaborative growth as your leaders and teams progress together, cultivating a unified vision and shared understanding.

Agile and Effective Leadership

Our guided journey equips your leaders with the tools and insights they need to adapt swiftly to changing circumstances, leading your organisation confidently toward success.

Strength in Unity

Your team will discover the strength in unity, harnessing the combined skills and talents of each member to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Building Bonds

Foster authentic connections among team members, leading to a more engaged and motivated workforce.

Sustainable Results

By developing your leaders alongside their respective teams, Jyre Perform ensures that the transformation is both meaningful and long-lasting.




Jyre provides each individual with a comprehensive Solo report that highlights their fit to 9 distinct character profiles and ranks their strengths and gaps.

By bringing awareness to these strengths, individuals gain a better understanding of themselves, can collaborate more effectively with others, leverage their unique abilities, and navigate their challenges.

Jyre Recommends

Struggling with a hard problem today?

Explain it to ‘Jyre Recommends’ and it will point you to some Jyre resources and team activities that could quickly help.

Got a big presentation next week and you need to be influential?

‘Jyre Recommends’ will serve up resources that will help you nail that presentation!

Jyre Recommends will help you identify the most helpful, on point content within Jyre, to suit your particular team or personal development needs at any moment in time.

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Team Effectiveness Review

Our Team Effectiveness reviews are designed to help teams identify areas of improvement and feed into development pathways - providing a roadmap for development.

These 9 areas of focus derive from the latest research into high-performance teams.

Performance through action

At Jyre, we understand that teams don't become great by simply studying theory. 


Effective leadership requires a practical, action-oriented approach.

That's why our platform offers goal-focused performance pathways that directly improve team outcomes and help everyone achieve their goals.

Our pathways all fit into the flow of everyday work, without the need for expensive offsites or training sessions.

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Jyre Leadership Development

Individual growth plans

High-performing teams rely on motivated team members who take their own growth and development seriously. 


That's why we also offer every Jyre user access to short, 3-step individual pathways for quick skill boosts.

And for those who want to dive deeper, we also offer 34 in-depth, five-week strength plans.


These provide comprehensive guidance and support for longer-term development efforts.

A platform for the whole organisation

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Jyre delivers growth that is as relevant and meaningful for the c-suite as for first-time employees.


Meaning that everyone shares the same language and the Jyre dataset can deliver deep insights into culture, engagement, diversity and team effectiveness.

Questions? Let's chat.

We’ll help get you up and motoring now, accelerating your journey to building great teams.

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