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Jyre Perform: Choose your digital membership

The ultimate solution for leaders and their teams looking to raise team performance. 

There's a plan for every team, no matter the shape or size. 


For leaders who want to develop a high-performing team

two colleagues opening a free trial box

$28 USD / £22.50

per person/month, when billed annually

$38 (£30) per person/month for monthly billing

Raise team performance

Deep understanding of your team's strength and gaps

Learn how to get the best from everyone

Help individuals grow

Build psychological safety and a team growth mindset

Create distributed leadership

14 days free trial / up to 15 users. New Customers only

No credit card required

Free trial


For multiple teams and leaders wanting to create high-performing teams

Develop multiple high-performing teams

Improve collaboration and communication, reducing siloed working

Improve retention and recruitment

Increased inclusion

Build a shared language of leadership and development

Create team synergy across the business

up to 250 users


Developing high-performance across the entire organisation with rich data insights

Raise organisational performance

Build a culture of development across the entire organisation

Identify future leaders

Reduce churn, improve hiring

Improve wellbeing and lower stress for the entire organisation

Rich data insights on your people

251+ users

Premium add-ons

Organisational strength and risk assessment

Correlative data modelling

Predictive data modelling

Bespoke organisational development plans

Ideal leadership profiling

Organisational Data Insights

Internal champion training

Organisational heat maps

Team and organisational workshops

Bespoke additional development content


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