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Jyre reports

What's included in Jyre reports? What insights will you gain from them?

Read some of the highlights below.

What's your leadership profile?

Everyone benefits from understanding their leadership style, strengths and gaps. Jyre's Solo report offers that insight. Think of your Solo report as the very start of you becoming familiar with the Jyre framework. 

It's where you'll begin to think about how your unique pattern of strengths shapes the way you make decisions, lead your team, build your self-awareness and deepen your personal insight.

Solo Report

Understanding your leadership profile

Jyre have 9 Leader types, which show the diversity of effective leadership styles. Each one is underpinned by a unique combination of character strengths.

You'll receive a report which includes your Best-fit and Least-fit Leader types. Included are insights and examples of behaviours that are associated with your leader types, so you can begin to understand yourself better.

The Transformational Leader
Copy of 9-leaders-circles-tile.png

Uncovering your strengths & gaps

Jyre's proprietary 34 strengths framework was crafted to build your self-awareness and deepen your personal insight as individuals and as a team.

It's where you'll be able to identify what energises you and your team, what gives you the strongest feeling of being at your best. Identifying gaps that could derail you and your team. Uncovering how your team can compliment your strengths and cover your gaps.

Jyre Leadership & Team Development Platform

What do others see?

Jyre's combination of assessments and algorithms provides you with really rich and detailed understanding of yourself and the impact you have on others.

Once you are familiar with understanding how you view yourself you now might also want to seek feedback from other people who know you.  Their views can provide a perspective that will help you focus your development. 

Viewpoints Comparison

Turning insight into action

Move from insight into action, building on your strengths and bridging your gaps. Jyre's strengths development framework and 9 goals model gives you and your team the tools you need to excel.

With support on your Jyre experience, you'll be able to wield your power and start to see the impact of your development. 

Jyre Strengths Framework

Grow people. Grow performance.

Only 10 mins to get your first report. Get to know your strengths & how to develop them. 

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