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Adopting a digital-first team effectiveness approach, Jyre created a shared language of strengths, diversity and leadership and established a baseline of measurement to underpin culture, performance and talent management at Photobox.



Photobox is Europe’s leading digital consumer service for personalised products and gifts and parent of the Photobox, Hofmann and posterXXL brands.

Owned by Exponent Private Equity, the Group’s products enable customers across 22 countries to share memories, celebrate great moments and inject personal expression into their everyday lives.

The Group has 1,000 employees across Europe.

Why did Photobox use Jyre?​

With the growing demand of online business, competition is a familiar topic for most organisations. Dealing with an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace, where competitors appear to innovate faster, customer retention levels come under pressure. Resulting in a cultural shift to collaborative team-working and a need to drive innovation.

What did Jyre do to help?​

Jyre helped Photobox create a set of leadership principles and a framework to navigate leadership expectations at Photobox. The combination of Jyre’s digital product and expert support — flexed around individual interests and needs — helped build self-awareness of leadership strengths while helping our people with their development.


Embedded cultural change to support Photobox’s long-term strategy.


Communication improved significantly across the company through the implementation and regular use of Jyre developmental models, framework and data.

Senior leaders better understood and  played to their distinctive strengths, while mitigating for shared blind-spots.


Increased ‘ownership of the whole’ and development of a strong performance and learning culture for future senior leader hires to join.


Data-informed recruitment decisions.

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Customer solution

Phase 1
Goal: Senior Leadership team development

Accelerated future leaders’ development, working on real organisational issues.

Phase 2
Goal: Scaling impact via the Jyre platform

Empowered the leadership team to own the rollout of the digital platform across the organisation, made collaboration between teams instant and instinctive and ensured collective impact is greater than individual talents.

Phase 3
Goal: Leadership intelligence through data

Thematic consultation to inform Talent planning, creating a heat-mapping interface allowing intuitive exploration of data-sets and predictive modelling of key performance indicators.


"As well as generating a lot of learning in our leadership group, Jyre provided us with fantastic data-driven insights on talent and organisation, with the ability to support further development and teamwork success."

Jessica Collingwood

Chief People Officer

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