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Do people change?

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Do you believe people can change, learn and grow? Or do you believe that abilities are innate and can only be developed up to a fixed level? Can intelligence and character can be changed? Or are they set, and there is not much we can do to alter them?

Do people change?

This difference in beliefs is known as the ‘fixed vs. growth’ mindset and has been researched extensively by Carol Dweck. Those with a fixed mindset believe that success and intelligence are innate, and those with a growth mindset believe that success is due to hard work and learning, and that with effort, intelligence and character can be changed.

“A growth mindset is belief you can develop abilities." – Carol Dweck

What does Carol Dweck say?

Her research is familiar to many, but to summarise: Dweck has found that those with a fixed mindset can get caught in a desire to look intelligent whatever the situation, seeking to confirm that they are inherently intelligent. This can lead them to avoid challenges if they don’t think they will perform well, and they are more likely to give up easily when faced with obstacles. The result is that those with a fixed mindset may achieve less than their full potential, as they are hesitant to push themselves out of their comfort zone.

In contrast, people with a growth mindset are more likely to persevere with challenges even if they don’t perform strongly in the first instance. Their openness to learning and belief in the possibility of growth serving as a motivation to sustain them through set-backs.

Jyre's growth mindset

Jyre is founded on a growth mindset: that character and intelligence can be developed given the right focus, effort and support:

  • Focus means choosing goals for yourself wisely. We believe that people can achieve anything they set their mind and heart to, but if they try to be everything and achieve everything their effort will be diluted and lack focus. Put differently: you can be anything you choose to be, but you can’t be everything!

  • Effort means accepting the hard work that comes with the chosen goal. It is easiest to see in sport – top level performance does not come without sacrifice and dedication.

  • Support – Jyre is carefully designed to support you and prompt you to be your best self. Yet it is even more powerful if there is are team colleagues, a mentor or friend to help you stay motivated and handle the inevitable obstacles.

So our message is that the change you want to see is possible and Jyre will help guide your journey.

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