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The Jyre Promise

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Built on 25 years of coaching insight. Read on to discover the Jyre promise.

The Jyre Promise

Jyre is like having a great team coach always available to you, guiding your development as a team and as individuals, day by day.

The foundation of Jyre comes from the coaching team at The Thinking Partnership. They have been guiding and coaching teams for more than 25 years, week-in, week-out. Sitting alongside people helping them grapple with challenges, complexity and opportunities. Helping them grow and develop personally and helping them play their part in creating high performing teams.

Often these people have not thought of themselves as leaders, just as people trying to get things to happen, sometimes routine, sometimes exciting.

Their key insights?

First, that everyone has the capacity to make a leadership contribution - to help make the team they are working in a healthier, happier and more productive one. In fact everyone leads in different aspects of their life, even if they don’t call it leadership.

Second, that everyone can develop - they simply need access to the tools and support that will guide their desire to be their best self.

Making team coaching accessible to everyone

The problem is that face to face coaching is expensive and hard to access. Which means that most teams don't reach their potential and too many people miss out on the opportunity to develop and grow as leaders.

So we developed Jyre to make team and leadership development accessible for anyone who wants to shape their own future. It draws on all of our experience and psychological insight as team and leadership coaches to design the Jyre development journeys to engage and guide you.

Our aim

Our ultimate aim with Jyre

“to help create a world of people willing to lead, confident in their direction and motivated to develop. And a world of teams that combine high performance with learning and laughter.”

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