Everybody should have access to great development

Jyre's research-backed digital platform combines technology, psychology and data to deliver uplifts in development across the key goals that define team and personal effectiveness.

Development through action

Teams don’t become great by studying theory, and leadership development needs to be taken out of the classroom.


Jyre’s goal-focused development pathways deliver meaningful development that directly shifts the performance dial.

How change takes root

Simple behaviour change is great, but washes out quickly without insight. Yet insight and diagnostics on their own change nothing.

Jyre weaves together industry-leading diagnostic tools that deliver deep insights, with habit-based development experiences that together deliver enduring uplifts.

Team and personal development combined

Great teams make personal development a daily reality for their team members.


Behind every great team you’ll find a leader who knows just what they need to do to make this happen.


Jyre is the platform that can guide them all.

Team effectiveness platform

For the whole organisation

Jyre delivers development that is as relevant and meaningful for the c-suite as for first-time employees.


Meaning that everyone shares the same language and the Jyre data-set can deliver deep insights into culture, engagement, diversity and team effectiveness.


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