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A team clear about priorities, knowing what it needs to do to deliver goals, and moving swiftly to deliver pragmatic solutions.

Jyre: Agile Goal

These pathways are designed to increase your team's sense of 'team potency'; the extent to which your team believes that it is capable of achieving its goals. Team members will agree their priorities together, build believable pathways towards them and move in practical ways from goals to initiatives. Mutual understanding and support is nurtured to help the team build trust in its own capability to achieve what it sets out to do.

Why care?



When team members feel clear about where they are going and what they need to do, and trust that they and others' have the necessary capabilities to follow through on that, a positive team mindset is created and reinforced. These Agile pathways provide experiences to team members that are designed to generate increased levels of clarity, confidence and inter-personal trust amongst team members and builds a shared understanding of how they will each practically contribute and support one another.


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