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We focus on the right goals

A team with shared clarity and buy-in to our vision, goals and strategy, even amidst ambiguity and change.

Jyre: Strategic Goal

These pathways give your team members a part to play in the strategic envisioning and planning of their future, and a voice in regards to the direction of the team and what it commits to. Aspirational, achievable and measurable team goals will generated. Current tasks are linked to organisational vision to deepen the shared understanding of your team members about their individual and collective contributions.

Why care?



Teams are more successful at reaching their goals when all team members have had a say in what those goals are, genuinely buy-into them and understand how they fit within the wider organisational perspective. These pathways do just this, building strategic leadership skills into every team member. These pathways encourage teams to create their goals and continually re-focus on the most strategically valuable tasks.


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