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Meet Jyre

The high performance team development platform.

Jyre brings a digital approach to leadership development and team effectiveness, building strong performance with personal growth and learning.

Jyre Team & Leadership Development Platform

You're in good company

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Become a better team, together

Jyre’s mission is to help leaders and their teams reach their full potential. Our deep experience and research-backed approach helps people and organisations thrive. 

Jyre Team & Leadership Development Platform

It’s time to focus on teams 

Leaders in today’s workplace face many challenges. Whether it’s building trust, creating inclusive environments, improving collaboration, retaining and engaging employees, or developing people at scale, a new approach is needed

The fastest and best approach to dealing with these challenges is with a focus on the team. Our approach - backed by the latest research, has shown that helping leaders build healthy, high-performing teams, delivers significant benefits for the entire organisation.  

Jyre Team Development

Developing leaders & their teams

Our digital solution brings together team, and leadership development in a way that fits into the working week, without the need for disruptive off-sites or expensive consultants.


Leaders and their teams develop together while tackling the issues that matter to your business.

Jyre Team Development

Everyone can become their own best coach

Jyre’s solution offers individual and team reports with insights on leadership types and strengths, team development pathways and workshops, individual strength development plans and a host of additional helpful resources to help everyone become their own best coach. 

Jyre Leadership Development

Easy-to-read reports

Our data analytics helps you track increases in team and personal effectiveness and measure the impact of these on your business performance.

Building great teams

Integrates easily with industry-leading software

Integrate development updates with your internal communication channels to share your successes. 

Jyre Integrations
Jyre Team Effectiveness White Paper

Delve into our
white paper

Jyre is honed from 30 years of consulting experience supporting leaders and their teams, combined with our deep understanding of people science and the latest research. 

See results in as little as 6 weeks


Hear it from our customers

"Jyre has helped us have an open dialogue within Tangle Teezer about leadership and team dynamics. It has improved the self-awareness of the team and given them a more rounded understanding of their own characters and inspired them to begin their own personal development journeys."

Natalie Edwards, Chief People Officer, Tangle Teezer

With the right platform, everything is possible

We empower teams to take charge of their own development, give team leaders the tools they need to excel and support all team members in making personal learning a daily reality.

Jyre delivers a deeply engaging digital learning experience that fits into the flow of work.

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