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Meet Jyre

The development platform that helps you understand yourself.

Do you know your strengths & gaps?

Jyre gives you the tools to understand and develop yourself & others.

Jyre Leadership Development

You're in good company

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Help to understand yourself with Jyre

Jyre’s mission is to help leaders and their teams reach their full potential. Our deep experience and research-backed approach helps people and organisations thrive. 

Jyre Team Effectiveness Platform

Find out your unique strengths

Everyone benefits from understanding their leadership style, strengths and gaps. Jyre's Solo report offers that insight. Think of your Solo report as the very start of you becoming familiar with the Jyre framework. 

It's where you'll begin to think about how your unique pattern of strengths shapes the way you make decisions, lead your team, build your self-awareness and deepen your personal insight.

Jyre Understand Yourself

Understand why

Jyre have 9 Leader types, which show the diversity of effective leadership styles. Each one is underpinned by a unique combination of character strengths.

You'll receive a report which includes your Best-fit and Least-fit Leader types. Included are insights and examples of behaviours that are associated with your leader types, so you can begin to understand yourself better.

Jyre 9 Leader Types

See how others see you

Jyre's combination of assessments and algorithms provides you with really rich and detailed understanding of yourself and the impact you have on others.

Once you are familiar with understanding how you view yourself you now might also want to seek feedback from other people who know you.  Their views can provide a perspective that will help you focus your development. 

Jyre Team Development

Turn insight into action

Move from insight into action, building on your strengths and bridging your gaps. Jyre's strengths development framework gives you the tools you need to excel.

With support on your Jyre experience, you'll be able to wield your power and start to see the impact of your development. 

Jyre Leadership Development

Feel understood

Only 10 mins to get your first report. Get to know your strengths & how to develop them. 

Get the insights & tools to help you understand yourself and others.


Delve into our
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Jyre is honed from 30 years of consulting experience supporting leaders and their teams, combined with our deep understanding of people science and the latest research. 


Hear it from our customers

"Jyre has helped us have an open dialogue within Tangle Teezer about leadership and team dynamics. It has improved the self-awareness of the team and given them a more rounded understanding of their own characters and inspired them to begin their own personal development journeys."

Natalie Edwards, Chief People Officer, Tangle Teezer

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